It's Been Ages!

Hey guys, I feel like a new girl, life here in the UK has been so hectic that I just forgot to keep y'all posted. Even now, I only have a few minutes before I have to go out to ballet practise (I made new friends outside school there). Even though my garden is smaller here, I've got a portable hammock from amazon and I put it out on the grass in the Summer. Now that it's gone really cold here in Britain I keep it in the garage but just a quick note for you guys - portable hammocks are absolutely awesome! About school, well, the homework is becoming more difficult but it's still pretty easy. I am beginning to fit in although I guess I am always going to be somewhat of an outsider given the fact that there aren't many americans here, except on the TV. Oh, that's my friend Jennie now, I've gotta go! Speak to you soon, Melissa xx

An Update on My New Life

Hey guys - sorry I haven't been around in a long while, my new life has become really hectic lately, stuff has just been so crazy I can't quite believe it myself! I've been listening to a lot of Kelly Clarkson lately and I just don't know why. My mom is making me do a lot of the washing which I find really unfair and my dad is always out in his new garden watering the plants and picking apples off the trees. I prefer our garden in the US but I think the novelty for him is that we get a load of different types of plants and fruits that we didn't get in the USA. I still think it's pretty lame that you can't get oranges here in the UK but what can you do? I would much rather have those than an apple that a worm has bitten into any day!

No, no updates on boys yet. I guess I am still trying to find my feet in this new country, let alone get a boyfriend yet. I find a lot of them are really immature too. They are either super dumb and immature, or super grown up bad boy types, who are attractive but they scare me a bit. 

School work is harder than in the USA, and there is way more pressure on us to 'succeed' in our exams even when we are this young. I find that pretty stupid to be honest because we are teenagers, we are not grown ups yet so it's pretty lame that they are forcing all this stress upon us so soon. 

For some reason my browser is playing up at the moment, I can't seem to click this thing off so I am just going to fix it. I will be back with another up date soon. Melissa. 

Welcome to my Girly Girl Blog

Hi! My name's Melissa and I just moved from Wilmington, NC to the United Kingdom. It's been a big change so far and I wanted to share it all with you guys. So much happened in Wilmington that I was just so devastated to leave it all behind. A quick cast of the guys and girls who were there with me in NC, are:

Josie, my best friend; Cody, my ex-bf, Chad, Cody's best friend, Dale, Will, Scott (the guys), Jamie, Katie, Lou-Ann (the girls). So much went on with these guys that I sometimes get really sad going to a new school in a new part of the world. It's just not right to take a girl out of her environment. It is making me depressed, I think  . But I'm gonna try and turn it around since I can't swim across the ocean. 

I don't have any new friends here yet, and I'm getting up to 16 years old so I'm kinda worried. My parents are too busy with their new lives so they are not really paying attention to me, and my Mom is pregnant so no way is she gonna listen to me. 

The Short Romance of Melissa and Dale Part 1

OK So here's a story about what happened waaay back with my first bf Dale, who was part of our friends circle before I ever got with my most recent ex-bf, who I'm still kinda in love with. :-(

Anyways, he asked me in geometry class to the winter formal, I kinda was caught off guard because I had always thought of him as just a friend but I never really thought of him as a guy I could go out with. Actually I had only talked to him a couple of times, he wasn't really in my circle of friends at the time and I was trying to concentrate on getting my GPA up from 2.7 as my mother was really mad at my report card LOL.

I have to admire his guts, he just walked straight up to me and told me he thought I was lovely and he wanted to take me to the winter formal. I kinda choked up for a bit at first then said sure, since at the back of my mind I was a bit worried that no one had asked me yet. I was starting to wonder if I was not pretty etc., you know, the usual stuff that girls think if that kind of event comes around.

I wore a tight red dress which my dad was not very happy about haha, but what could he do, right? My mom said I looked beautiful and adjusted the flower in my hair. Me and my friends had rented a limo and it pulled up outside. It was kinda strange because I couldn't see who was inside it until they opened the door because of the tinted windows. We all drank cherry pop in champagne glasses LOL, and rolled up to the school looking so fly.

On the 'date' Dale was acting kinda strange. Almost like he was sick. He kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye when I was just having a good time with my girlfriends, as if he was jealous of them or something. You know when you can just tell someone is staring at you, even if you are not looking, you can kind of 'feel' it.

When we got to the dance I said hello to everyone, SOME teachers (the ones I liked, LOL) , then I started dancing with my girlfriends... It was going great, like the sea dance in back to the future, LOL. But then, Dale's behavior got even stranger...


Tune in next time to see what happens. Will Melissa ever find her perfect guy? Will Dale ever go back to normal? Find out next time!!!

Just Get A Girlfriend and Grow Up! Melissa and Dale Part 2


So the dance was going great. I was having a wonderful time with my girlies and even teachers and students were getting along. Except... Dale, my date, was being all weird. It wasn't like this when he was just my friend, and I guess that's kinda why most girls don't want to date a guy who has been their friend before, even if he and I weren't exactly hanging out all the time before that. I think that is why I gave him a chance - if he had been really close to me before the dance I would have said, "no way!!!"

I was feeling quite awesome after my favorite song came on, Get Low by Elephant Man (don't ask me why, haha!) so I had the confidence to confront Dale and ask him why he was being so WEIRD.

"No reason," he said.

"Well why won't you dance?" I asked.


Part of me thought he was enjoying the attention I was finally giving him. I never thought he would be so insecure like a little girl, especially after the way he had asked me to the dance.

"You're my date but you're being no fun, you're ruining my night." Ok, that was an exaggeration, but I was kinda hoping for a perfect night, and Dale was the only reason why it was not perfect at the moment.

"YOUR night? Oh, I'm sorry Queen Melissa."

OMGosh! Who does this guy think he is?

"What are you talking about, I'm just having fun with my friends. You should try it some time."

"Yes, your friends. Last time I checked, I was one."

"No, you're my date. Do you want to be my friend? Do you want some makeup? Some eyeliner?"

OK, maybe I was going too far, but I was severely annoyed.

"Why are you turning into a cow all of a sudden?" said Dale.

A cow? Who even said that anymore? We're in the new millennium!

"No, I'm having fun with my friends. Are you annoyed because I won't spend every second with you, and make it super easy for you, be all over you every second?"


That said it all.

"Dale, I'm not one of those easy girls," I said, pointing over to the dancefloor where my friends were. I'm quite ashamed of that, looking back.

"I know, that's why I..."

"What Dale? Well, you've gotta work for it, your first dance, then to taste my lipgloss..."

I was playing with him now. After this I had no intention of kissing the guy: he had shown that he was a loser who didn't know how to handle me. His chance was gone.

"Melissa, you're breaking my balls here!"

"Urgh! Get a girlfriend and GROW UP. PIG!!!"


And that was the end of our 'date'. Sure, I had fun with my girlfriends for the rest of the night, it was a 'fun' night, super fun in fact; but for my winter formal, I had always dreamed of the perfect romance to go with that, kind of like everyone dreams of a white christmas. There was just something 'missing' from that night and there was nothing I could do about it, I guess. Dale wasn't the one for me and I just felt annoyed at him for wasting my time. I could have gone with someone else who WAS the one for me, and he would have made my night magical.